The advantages of Spc vinyl flooring and its development in the future market

Release time: 2022-12-23

Today is an era of pursuing sustainable development. With the development of science and technology, new materials and energy are emerging. Spc vinyl flooring is one of the decorative ground materials that can be recycled, which is of great significance to protecting our planet's natural resources and ecological environment.

Spc vinyl flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring developed based on high technology, which has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, mold resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, insect resistance, and easy installation. Spc vinyl flooring is popular in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and the Asia-Pacific market, with its excellent stability and durability, not only to solve the problem of moisture deformation and moldy solid wood flooring but also to solve the environmental problems of other decoration materials such as formaldehyde, in line with the domestic requirements of high-end customers. The future has come. Many offices, hotels, commercial, homes, and other indoor places have chosen Spc vinyl flooring.

The name of Spc vinyl flooring is easy to cause misunderstanding, and it is one of the big categories of PVC flooring. Think of PVC flooring more think of plastic, and many people will also confuse PVC flooring and PVC pipe. Plastic contains toxic substances harmful to the human body. But Spc vinyl flooring and plastic are not at all the same thing, its production process without glue, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene such toxic substances, moreover, no radiation, belongs to the green environmental protection decoration materials, will not cause harm to the human body. Spc vinyl flooring is an economical flooring material. Consumers can enjoy the texture of wood grain or stone grain in use while not being bothered by noise. Depending on the consumer's requirements for sound insulation, blocks, sheets, or rolls can be selected. While having technical performance and design sense, we produce environmentally friendly products and value the health of our users.

The market is shifting the customer's consumption concept to quality consumption. The Spc vinyl flooring home improvement industry worldwide is growing rapidly every year. With the promotion of urbanization, the future market of decorative building materials will be prosperous, accompanied by the creation of a new generation of consumers, young and energetic consumers on the concept of design will be more inclined to environmental protection, aesthetic and economic. Therefore, because of its excellent performance, Spc vinyl home furnishing will be more favored than another flooring, such as solid wood and stone flooring, in the current market.

Now, let's talk about the advantages of Spc vinyl flooring.

(1) Green and environmental protection.

Spc vinyl flooring, the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, renewable resource. It has long been used in large quantities in people's daily lives, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc. Its environmental protection is not to worry about. Spc vinyl flooring (sheet) is the main component of natural stone powder, tested by the national authority, does not contain any radioactive elements, but also green and environmentally friendly new Decorative ground materials. Any qualified Spc vinyl flooring must go through IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification.

(2) Ultra-light and ultra-thin.

Spc vinyl flooring has a thickness of 3.2mm-12mm, and the weight per square meter is only about 2-7.5kg, less than 10% of ordinary flooring materials. It has incomparable advantages in the high-rise building for weight bearing and space-saving. At the same time, it has special advantages in secondary decoration and transformation.

(3) Super wear-resistant.

The Spc vinyl flooring surface has a special transparent wear-resistant layer by high-tech processing, and its wear-resistant rpm can reach more than 8000 rpm. Traditional flooring materials in the more wear-resistant laminate wood flooring wear resistance only 800-4000 revolutions. According to the thickness of the differences in normal circumstances can be used for 5-10 years, so in the large flow of people in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation, and other places, Spc vinyl flooring is increasingly popular.

(4) High elasticity and super impact resistance.

Spc vinyl flooring's soft elasticity is very good in the impact of heavy objects and has good elasticity recovery. Coil flooring texture soft elasticity better, and its foot feeling comfortable is called "floor soft gold." At the same time, Spc vinyl flooring has strong impact resistance, for heavy impact damage has a strong elastic recovery and will not cause damage. Excellent Spc vinyl flooring can minimize the damage of the floor to the human body and disperse the impact on the foot. The latest research data shows that after installing excellent Spc vinyl flooring in spaces with high traffic, the rate of falls and injuries of people is reduced by nearly 70% compared to other floors.

(5) Super anti-slip.

The Spc vinyl flooring wear layer has a special anti-slip. Compared with ordinary flooring materials, the floor, in the case of water, has a more astringent foot feeling and is less likely to fall; the more water, the more astringent. Therefore, the preferred flooring materials are preferred in public places with high public safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, and schools. It has become very popular around the world in recent years.

(6) A wide variety of colors.

Spc vinyl flooring has a wide variety of colors, such as carpet patterns, stone patterns, wood floor patterns, etc., and even personalized customization can be achieved. The realistic and beautiful pattern, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can be combined with a stunning decorative effect.

Of course, the advantages of Spc vinyl flooring are not only these, such as fire retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, antibacterial and anti-mold, sound and noise absorption, small joints and seamless splicing, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and warmth, and easy maintenance.

The above is about the advantages of Spc vinyl flooring and the market's future development. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!