Spc vinyl flooring technical characteristics and development of the discussion

Release time: 2023-01-04

Spc vinyl flooring is a new type of floor covering material developed from high-quality, high-tech research and is gradually becoming a mainstream product in the floor covering material market. This article will introduce you to the development of SPC flooring, Spc vinyl flooring overview, technology and process, its future development trend, and how to select Spc vinyl flooring products and other aspects.

1. Overview of the global development of Spc vinyl flooring.

(1) From the application perspective, in China, the main application areas of Spc vinyl flooring are hotels, shopping malls, schools, etc., and the application ratio in the domestic field is less than 5%. However, in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, the proportion of Spc vinyl flooring in the household sector has been nearly 10%.

(2) From the industrial policy perspective, compared with solid wood, tile and other flooring materials, Spc vinyl flooring is more in line with green environmental protection and resource recycling. It is an industry supported by national policy.

(3) From the point of view of consumption concept, the improvement of consumers' environmental protection consciousness and health consciousness makes the application of Spc vinyl flooring gradually increase, and Spc vinyl flooring also has strong decorative and aesthetic properties, which can meet consumers' personalized needs and better promote the growth of its consumption.

(4) From the perspective of downstream industry development, the real estate industry and building decoration industry are the downstream industry of Spc vinyl flooring, and the improvement of urbanization brings continuous and large market demand to the Spc vinyl flooring industry.

Therefore, Spc vinyl flooring has a huge application market.

2. Spc vinyl flooring technology and process flow.

Spc vinyl flooring is extruded by the extruder combined with a T-shaped die to extrude PVC substrate, with a three-roller or four-roller calendar to PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC colour film and PVC substrate, respectively, online thermal lamination of the product. The process is simple, and lamination is completed by heat, with no glue. Spc flooring materials use environmentally friendly formulas and do not contain heavy metals, phthalates, methanol and other harmful substances, in line with various standards.

Spc vinyl flooring production process is: mixing → extrusion → UV treatment → slitting → slotting → packaging.

3. Future product development trend of Spc vinyl flooring.

(1) Antibacterial Spc vinyl flooring. Due to the increasing standard of living, health and environmental protection consciousness, especially by the influence of influenza and new crown pneumonia and other epidemic diseases, most consumers care about the home environment. They pay more and more attention to the degree. Antibacterial flooring is a certain amount of antibacterial agent added to the flooring materials, after processing made of antibacterial flooring can make the surface bacteria reproduction is inhibited and then achieve long-term health and safety purposes.

(2) Electric heating Spc vinyl flooring. The electric heating floor is made of a nanocarbon crystal molecular heating core. Under the action of micro-current, the core material produces vibration friction to generate heat and distribute heat to the room. The electric heat conversion rate is above 96%. A very efficient electric heating floor is good in terms of pressure resistance, waterproofing, insulation and other properties. Even if it works in an extreme environment, it is not easy to have safety accidents. The thermal efficiency of the electric heating floor is high, and its heat is well maintained in the range of benefits to the human body, and the loss in the process of heat transmission is very small;

(3) Lightweight Spc vinyl flooring. The lightweight of the floor, in the case of ensuring the use of the floor performance, remains unchanged through the foam co-extrusion and other processes to further reduce the weight of the floor, reduce transportation and installation costs;

(4) New width size to meet the new laying scheme of Spc vinyl flooring. In addition to the traditional size of the floor, 300 * 600, 600 * 600, and more new width sizes of SPC flooring continue to be developed and used to meet the individual market demand. The product is also more widely used;

(5) Wood (bamboo) veneer finish Spc vinyl flooring. Wood (bamboo) veneer finish Spc vinyl flooring is based on the SPC formula, with wood (bamboo) veneer laminated on the surface and then treated with surface wear, water, and ageing resistance. This maintains the natural texture of the wood (bamboo) material, and the product has all the advantages of Spc vinyl flooring, which is an ideal floor covering material;

(6) Spc vinyl flooring produced by 3D printing equipment. With the maturity and perfection of 3D printing technology and the rapid development of the trend of personalized demand for flooring products, the advantages of 3D printing technology, such as customizable, the ability to print any colour and pattern, and the ability to print wide products, cater to the market demand and have been developed rapidly.

4. Ways to choose high-quality Spc vinyl flooring.

(1) The product should pass the important national testing certification. For example, ISO9001, ISO4001 quality certification system [13], Chinese national standard, and Chinese measurement certification. In addition, the United States floor score certification, EU safety certification, green certification, SGS international authority certification, etc., are more stringent and generally applicable standards in the world;

(2) Pay attention to the indicators' physical and chemical properties. In the product factory before the sampling inspection, only all meet the standard requirements are qualified products;

(3) pay attention to the appearance and quality of the product and the neatness of the specification size. High-quality Spc vinyl flooring flexibility is very good. Its surface will not have a cracked fracture even if any twist or bend. The size of each plate must meet the requirements, and if the deviation is too large, it will certainly cause uneven seams, and pattern deformation, thus affecting the overall decorative effect;

(4) Pay attention to the differences in raw materials and production processes. The domestic manufacturers' use of the substrate can be roughly divided into two kinds: new material and recycled material. Good Spc vinyl flooring uses a new material and elasticity. Soaked water is not easy to deform, cold and heat are not easy to shrink and swell, and the edge is not easy to warp;

(5) to pay extra attention to after-sales service guarantee. The quality of construction is as important as the quality of the product, which affects the service life of Spc vinyl flooring.

In summary, Spc vinyl flooring, with its excellent product performance, is being accepted by the domestic market. With the continuous progress and development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human requirements for home and living environments, Spc vinyl flooring will usher in rapid development with a broad market and application prospects. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!