Spc vinyl flooring in China Enters Rapid Development Phase

Release time: 2023-01-31

With society's development, the decoration industry's rapid rise has also led to the development of the flooring industry. The following is an analysis of the future development trend of Spc vinyl flooring in China.

Development in line with the environment

Compared with solid wood, tile, and other ground decorative materials, Spc vinyl flooring is more in line with the concept of green environmental protection and resource recycling, in line with the national conservation of resources and protection of the environment, in line with the concept of circular economy and low carbon economy, in line with the requirements of sustainable economic development.

In recent years, in the national focus on emissions and consumption reduction environment, the focus on the development of green, multi-functional, high-performance new materials increased the green, energy-saving, efficient new material technology, technology development, and application of construction work. The above-mentioned programmatic document also mentions that enterprises should use low-carbon and environmentally friendly furniture materials, save wood and other biological materials, and promote recycled materials. The strong support of the national industrial policy has a positive significance to the sustainable and healthy development of the stone crystal flooring industry.

Consumer concept upgrade is the driving force for the growth of the Spc vinyl flooring industry

Spc vinyl flooring sales, consumer consumption demand, and consumer philosophy are directly related. As consumers continue improving their quality of life requirements, their philosophy continues to upgrade. In recent years, consumers' awareness of environmental protection and health awareness has been getting stronger and stronger, resulting in increasing demand for flooring with environmental protection features. Environmental protection, health, safety, simplicity, and durability have become important factors for people to consider when choosing a floor. Consumer demand for flooring is no longer limited to functional needs. Spc vinyl flooring products because of the advantages of health and environmental protection, decorative and beautiful, personalized needs, the future Spc vinyl flooring domestic market has great potential.

1. upgrade the concept of health. In recent years, custom homes without aldehyde add board set off a wave home industry without aldehyde as the height of the brand strategy, as seen in the close attention of consumers to home formaldehyde.

2. old house renovation, the rapid expansion of real estate in the past 20 years, many houses will face renovation and transformation.

(1) obsolete style. For example, the most classic is mosaic flooring and wall paving 20 years ago. The trend is a product of the times. Twenty years ago, the product was insufficient to meet today's aesthetics.

(2) Interior walls home and other materials are obsolete, and demolishing the walls and floors requires a great cost.

So the future of Spc vinyl flooring in the home has great potential and market.

Industry technology level continues to improve, and the competitive advantage of other ground decorative materials to further appear

The continuous development of science and technology has provided new methods and possibilities for faster and better production technology development in the Spc vinyl flooring industry. With the improvement of the industry technology level, on the one hand, the product quality will continue to improve, and the competitive advantage compared with traditional floor decorative materials further emerge, such as floor UV layer processing technology, synchronous alignment technology and some other key technology and process level to further improve the quality of products, the development of technology also makes the simulation of stone crystal flooring increasingly prominent, to achieve the effect of visual and tactile no difference, the feeling of the feet The comfort of the floor gradually reach or even surpass the wood floor; on the other hand, the stone crystal floor variety, color, specification types continue to enrich, for example, with the improvement of printing fabric production technology and cost reduction, stone crystal flooring manufacturers can customize different patterns and colors of the floor according to customer preferences, to better meet the personalized needs of consumers on the floor.

The domestic Spc vinyl flooring industry ushered in a period of rapid development

At present, Europe and the United States is still the main consumer area of Spc vinyl flooring. Still, its high labor costs and relatively limited production scale, therefore, its products mainly depend on imports from developing countries. At the same time, China has become the main production area of Spc vinyl flooring under labor costs and industrial chain advantages. Therefore, the Spc vinyl flooring industry will see rapid development.

Resource integration to promote large-scale production

Currently, the number of Spc vinyl flooring manufacturers is large, and the production technology level of each enterprise is different, resulting in poor brand effect and poor scale production capacity of Spc vinyl flooring. With the improvement of environmental protection index requirements, the diversification and personalized development of consumer demand, enterprises with scale effect, advanced technology, and strong capital will occupy a greater competitive advantage and eventually form a large-scale enterprise with brand effect to achieve resource integration.

Spc vinyl flooring is a ground material with high-tech addition, safety, and green environmental protection, which is being accepted by the domestic market because of its excellent product performance. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of the requirements for home and living environments, the product quality and performance of Spc vinyl flooring will also usher in more rapid development, with a broad market and application prospects.

The above is the analysis of the future development trend of Spc vinyl flooring in China. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!