The production process of Spc herringbone flooring and the causes and solutions of various poorly formed products

Release time: 2022-11-09

With the development of society, Spc herringbone flooring, with its outstanding beauty, stability, and durability, has become the first choice of many modern families and companies for indoor floor decoration by solving the problem of moisture deformation and mildew of solid wood flooring, as well as the formaldehyde problem of other decoration materials. The following will explain in detail the production process of Spc herringbone flooring and the causes and solutions of various molding defects of the product.

1. Spc herringbone flooring production process.

(1) Mixing material.

Automatic measurement following the ratio of raw materials → high-speed mixer hot mix (hot mix temperature: 125 ℃, the role of a variety of materials mixed evenly, to exclude moisture in the material) → into the cold mix (to cool down the material to prevent caking and discoloration, cold mix temperature: 55 ℃) → by cooling mixed evenly with the material.

(2) Extrusion.

Join the twin-screw extruder for heating extrusion → enter the sheet die extrusion molding, the formed sheet through the four-roll calender, the substrate for thickness fixing → paste color film → paste wear-resistant layer → cooling → cutting.

(3) UV Tempering.

Surface UV → tempering (tempering hot water temperature: 80~120℃; cold water temperature: 10℃).

(4) Slitting and slotting + packaging.

Slitting→slotting, trimming, chamfering→inspection→packaging.

2. Reasons for poor forming of Spc herringbone flooring products.

(1) The product size needs to be more stable, the shaping mold is not satisfied with the mold, and the wall thickness needs to be uniform.

Reasons: little lubrication inside and outside the formula, varying quantitative feeding speed, serious wear of screw barrel, incorrect matching clearance.

Solution: improve the ratio of internal and external lubricant, correct the feeding fault, replace the barrel and screw, and adjust the gap between the barrel and screw.

(2) Uneven appearance of product brightness, color deviation, irregular fish scale pattern on the surface; poor product performance; poor toughness, brittle products, and unqualified impact resistance.

Causes: unreasonable formula structure, the inorganic filling is too high, poor plasticization, insufficient addition of impact-resistant materials.

Solution: amend the formula structure, appropriately reduce the inorganic filler content, amend the material plasticization to about 65%, and increase the impact-resistant materials as appropriate.

(3) The finished output is bent, deformed, and locally sunken.

Causes: the head and the shaping die are not in the same plane, the extrusion speed is too fast, the cold go water temperature is too high, the water pressure is too small, water flow is not enough, the water and air path are not smooth, the negative vacuum pressure is not enough.

Solution: Correct the head mouth die, and sizing dies at the same level, reduce the extrusion speed and cooling water temperature, enhance the water pressure and flow, and adjust the negative vacuum pressure to check the water and air paths are smooth.

The above is about the production process of Spc herringbone flooring and the causes and solutions of various molding defects of the product. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!