Take a look at the top five misconceptions about Spc vinyl flooring

Release time: 2022-11-02

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, many families or companies will choose flooring as the ground decoration when they carry out decoration. Compared with general wood flooring or tiles, Spc vinyl flooring is accepted by more users as a more durable and beautiful flooring. Those who need to learn Spc vinyl flooring may have five misunderstandings, which we will answer in detail below.

(1) Spc vinyl flooring has an odor and is not environmentally friendly.

Spc vinyl flooring is an environmentally friendly product. Tested by the relevant departments, this floor is non-toxic, harmless, with and formaldehyde content of "0", and even though many indicators have reached higher than the applicable international standards, it is a construction company to promote the use of green building materials.

(2) The construction of Spc vinyl flooring will be inconvenient.

It is very convenient. If the ground is flat, it can be installed directly by locking, without glue paste; if the soil is uneven, it can be treated by self-leveling or special cement.

(3) What are the advantages of Spc vinyl flooring compared with tile and stone?

First, tile and stone are rigid materials, and the surface is smooth, which causes the foot to feel stiff when walking. The ground has water very easy to slips and causes injury. And Spc vinyl flooring, due to the advantages of their materials, both the solidity of stone and organic material softness, so also called "elastic flooring," so that people walk with a very comfortable footing while having "more astringent in water" characteristics, even if inadvertently Even if you fall, it will not hurt your body. More suitable for the elderly and children's places.

(4) Spc vinyl flooring dimensional stability is not as good as wood flooring, and laminate flooring is unsuitable for underfloor heating.

A unique treatment process bonds SPC flooring, and the product's dimensional stability is excellent, which is suitable for the ground of thermal expansion and contraction. Even if it is used in an environment where the floor is wet, it will not be deformed and can maintain its original shape for a long time. Therefore, Spc vinyl flooring is the most suitable flooring for underfloor heating.

(5) Spc vinyl flooring will be challenging to clean when it is dirty.

Spc vinyl flooring has the characteristics of being waterproof and non-slip, and easy to clean. The daily maintenance is straightforward, wipe with a wet mop every day. If there is oil, you can also use detergents to wipe clean.

These are the five misconceptions about Spc vinyl flooring. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!