Precautions when laying spc waterproof flooring

Release time: 2022-11-25

With the improvement of people's living standards, spc waterproof flooring is gradually recognized and accepted by most consumers because of its functionality, so it has become the first choice for many home decoration of the ground decoration.

But because spc waterproof flooring is a new material and process in the market, demand has increased, and professional installation technicians have appeared to be in short supply. And ordinary consumers in the absence of professional training and guidance, ordinary consumers cannot complete the spc waterproof flooring installation work well. To better play the superior performance of spc waterproof flooring, we will explain some precautions when the floor is paving construction.

1. Levelness. Whether the flatness of the foundation ground directly determines whether spc waterproof flooring can be used, so when deciding to use this floor, must be the original ground leveling (terrazzo, tile, flooring paint, etc. can be laid straight), ground height difference control within 2mm;

2. temperature. spc waterproof flooring is suitable for indoor environments but not for outdoor environments of exposure to sun and traffic. After the floor arrives at the site, it should be placed for 24 hours, and then the installation construction;

3. transportation. spc waterproof flooring is generally heavy and fragile. In logistics transportation, it is very easy to have different degrees of damage. Therefore, pay attention to the handling process as far as possible by using a pallet forklift and less manual loading and unloading;

4. installation. spc waterproof flooring should be installed by professional construction personnel to avoid improper operation resulting in losses.

(1) floor mat. It is recommended to use 1.5mm-2.0mm floor mats and prohibit using 2.0mm or more floor mats. The grassroots level is too soft and easy to cause latch fracture and decoupling;

(2) installation. 4.0mm below the thickness of the installation first to the short side, after the long side, and 4.0mm above the thickness of spc waterproof flooring installation should be first to the long side, after the short side;

(3) cutting. 4.0mm below the thickness of spc waterproof flooring can use the paper cutter, and 4.0mm above the thickness of spc waterproof flooring should use a dust-free saw;

(4) accessories. spc waterproof flooring accessories (skirting, pressure strip) can generally be common with wood flooring;

(5) use. spc waterproof flooring without special maintenance, daily cleaning can be. But forbid the use of wire balls and blades for scrubbing.

The above is about spc waterproof flooring paving precautions. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!