Advantages of Spc vinyl flooring

Release time: 2022-11-21

Nowadays,more and more homes are using Spc vinyl flooring as interior decoration.

Spc vinyl flooring is a new type of decorative flooring made of a solid wood top layer and SPC stone crystal core layer through the glueing process and then processed by a series of surface treatment and opening and backing processes. Compared to traditional wood and tile flooring, Spc vinyl flooring has the following advantages.

(1) Material health. Spc is the abbreviation of stone plastic composite material. It is not like composite wood but more like composite stone. The raw material is polyester vinyl resin. That is, we often ask for the PVC material, and while strengthening the performance of the PVC material while extruded by the T-shaped mould, in the process also avoid the internal sandwich coating glue so that it is more functional, can have non-toxic, No formaldehyde, 0 pollutions, material renewable and a series of characteristics, and even in the future, SPC flooring should still be able to be recycled like plastic, so that it can reduce the cost of installed housing for everyone;

(2) The price is low. Many people think green and healthy materials are expensive, but this may not be, although its material can be among the ranks of 0 pollutions. The waterproof, low temperature, and so on effects are excellent. Still, the price is also quite fair, compared to solid wood flooring to be much cheaper, but laminate flooring is a little more expensive. Still, it is natural, non-polluting characteristics, but it can be. To make up for the lack of, in general, both price and cost performance, Spc vinyl flooring has excellent characteristics;

(3)Good anti-slip effect.Spc vinyl flooring is suitable for most rooms, whether a bathroom or balcony and is used as a bathroom flooring material, which has not only a 100% waterproof effect anti-slip effect is also as important. Spc vinyl flooring anti-slip index is not weaker than the anti-slip tile because it is the surface of the nano-fibre material. After getting water, it will lead to slippers or ordinary board shoes. There will be a kind of astringent feeling. This peculiar function of water and astringent, resulting in it after getting wet, the friction does not fall but rise, so the anti-slip effect is worthy of being fixed. If there are older adults or children at home, it can be recommended;

(4) Wear-resistant anti-scratch. The service life of the floor often sees its wear-resistant effect; many tile flooring in use for ten years, twenty years later, the surface of the glaze will appear to be ageing and other signs, which directly leads to the interior of the tile is contaminated, and not easy to remove. Wood flooring is prone to a variety of hanging marks. Over time it looks like a porous feeling, affecting visual perception. Spc vinyl flooring is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant because the material itself is stone plastic composite material. The hardness is very high, and although the thickness of the board is relatively thin, it does not affect its durability.

These are the advantages of Spc vinyl flooring. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!