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Category: SPC Herringbone Flooring

Echo used the most advanced machines from China, and TC send the best technicians to the new company, that makes Echo’s quality as good as TC at the very beginning. 

Surface Treatment:UV Coating
Product Type:SPC Flooring
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TENGCHEN
Certification: FLOOR SCORE/CE
Model Number: SPC Vinyl Flooring TC6169
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 sq.ft
Delivery Time: 15-45 work days
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
Supply Ability: 300*20GP/Month


Product Detail

Material SPC
Usage Indoor
Surface Treatment UV Coating
Product Type SPC Flooring
Product Name High Dimensional Stability Extrusion Spc Click Vinyl Floor
Size (mm) 625*125mm/590*118mm
Thickness 4mm/4.5mm/5mm/6mm
Wear Layer 0.3mm/0.5mm
Surface Texture Embossed
Installation Valinge/I4F
Features Waterproof / Wear Resistant / Fire Retardant / Sound Barrier
Advantages Easy Click to Install / Labor Costs Saving


Item Standard Test method
Surface length △L≤0.25mm EN 13329, ISO 24341
Surface width △Waverage ≤0.05mm ,Wmax.-Wmin ≤0.10mm EN 13329, ISO 24341
Thickness tolerance Overall thickness: ±0.15mm EN 13329, ISO 24340
Vinyl layer thickness: ±0.03mm
Core layer thickness: ±0.05mm
Squareness Q_max ≤ 0.10mm EN 13329, ISO 24342
Edge straightness S_max ≤ 0.20mm/m EN 13329, ISO 24342
Flatness (f) Cupping: fw,convex ≤0.15% / fw,,concave ≤0.15% EN 13329
Bending: fl, convex ≤0.50% / fl, concave ≤0.25%.
Installation gap Average Oa≤0.06mm      Maximum Omax≤0.10mm EN 13329
Check the installation gap between planks of the same batch and gap with the click metal mold.
Height difference Average: ha≤0.05mm     Maximum:hmax≤0.10mm EN 13329
Check the height difference between planks of the same batch and height difference with the click metal mold.
Density Base core: 2100±100 kg/m3 EN 436
(not included EVA layer) Vinyl: 1200±100 kg/m3
Finished: 1850 – 2100 kg/m3 for 3mm thickness
1930 – 2130 kg/m3 for 4mm thickness
Bending strength Average ≥15.0 Mpa EN 310
Elasticity Test Average ≥ 3500 Mpa EN 310
Shrinking, warping under the temperature of 80 degrees in 6 hours (Size 220 * 220mm) Shrinking in length average: ≤ 0.15%; ISO 23999
Shrinking in width average: ≤ 0.15%;
Cupping   : ≤ 1.0mm
Traction strength of click Short click: ≥110 (N/50mm) ISO 16906
Peeling strength between core and Vinyl ≥ 70 (N/50mm) EN 431
Peeling strength with EVA/ IXPE Mass production: Average  ≥ 5N/50mm, Minimum  ≥ 4.5N/50mm EN 431
  ≤0.015g/1000 rounds (CS-17) NA
Abrasion Resistance
Scratch Level 1-2 EN 16094
Resistance No change in surface
Impact Resistance Big ball ≥1600mm;  Small ball ≥20N (≥IC2) EN 13329
VOC FloorScore passed FloorScore passed ISO 16000



SPC Herringbone Flooring | Waterproof SPC Flooring

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